Definition of Walks

We try to make sure that there is a mix of walks on offer in our annual program, which hopefully accommodates all our members interests.

Easy Walk
Usually about 10 km or less, suitable for beginners and usually on graded, well formed tracks in open terrain

Medium Walk
Usually between 10 km and 15km, where medium fitness is required. Perhaps some bush, minor scrub, some rock hopping or scrambling.

Hard Walk
Greater than 15 km, a hard and strenuous walk for fit walkers only. There may be bush, thick scrub, major rock and creek crossings, rock hopping, scrambling and use of hands.

We plan to add a new category to encourage current members to bring along their children, or grandchildren, in order to try to promote a healthier life style, and encourage an interest in nature and our environment.

Family Walk
Between 5-10kms, suitable for our younger members with small legs, or even those still in prams.

We also use the Australian Walking Track Grading System – see the Walks Program page for more details.

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