The Warby Range Bushwalking Club

The Warby Range Bushwalkers Club (WRBC) is based in Wangaratta, North East Victoria.

A fun and friendly way to keep fit, meet new people, and enjoy the beautiful scenery of North East Victoria, and other locations throughout Australia.

The Club is open to anyone and everyone who enjoys fun, fitness and friendship. Our membership ranges from young professionals, to families, and energetic retirees, with walks to suit all ages and capabilities.

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WRB News

Mount Jack : November 21

Mount Jack is located on the northern side of the scenic Rosewhite Gap, and this is where 12 members of Warby Walkers headed to, on a beautiful spring day. As this walk involved some car-shuffling, it took some time before we all got to the starting point of the walk, so it was time for…

South Wall, Mt Buffalo : November 6

This interesting walk was attended by 17 participants, and the first challenge was driving the winding road to the top of the Mount Buffalo Plateau, during which we were slowed down by thick fog limiting our vision. Starting from Cresta Valley, the South Walk is approximately 8.5k, with the elevation varying from around 1475m to…

Cup Day Walk, Thistle Hill, King Valley : November 2

What a beautiful day it was, for the now traditional Cup Day walk, this time in the delightful King Valley. A group of energetic people had booked in to walk the ridge that divides the King Valley from the Myrrhee Valley; some travelled out from Wangaratta, others went directly to Honey’s Lane, the finishing point…

Killawarra Forest Camp : October 26

This walk was deferred from October 21, because of wet conditions in the Killawarra Forest, but we finally made it, on a glorious sunny day. As has become our usual practice during the pandemic, we met at Rotary Park, and then travelled in convoy (without car sharing) to the start, at the Forest Camp, Killawarra….