Sunday, 23rd June. Back Creek Hills between Yackandandah and Stanley.

On Sunday morning 13 true believers, so to speak, set out for our walk in the Back Creek Hills.

It was a very cold morning, but we could tell from the clear blue sky that it was going to warm up a bit, and it was most defiantly going to be a nice day to be outside.

We walked in a part of the Stanley State Forest, in the area between Yackandandah and Stanley, towards what was the gold mining town of Hillsborough at Back Creek.

The walk started at the edge of the native forest, and we gradually got higher up the slopes and also deeper into the forest, where we were delighted about the company of flocks of yellow tailed black cockatoos.

The walk included a morning coffee/tea break, a lunch break and ended with a fabulous afternoon coffee/tea break, all which also involved lots of socializing.

We all went home satisfied in many ways!

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