Our Club and its Origins

The Warby Range Bushwalking Club evolved from the Warby Range Protection Society, which lobbied (successfully) for the Warby Ranges to be declared a State Park.

A Walks Committee was formed in 1980, and its program was enjoyed by increasing numbers, so its walks were extended to other areas in north-east Victoria.

A constitution was subsequently adopted, and the Club has since became affiliated with the Federation of Victorian Walking Clubs.

In later years, a quarterly newsletter was produced and opportunities to walk with members of other clubs arose. An annual program of fortnightly walks, weekends in the Alps, social occasions and a week-away became traditional. Mid-week walks have recently been added, to help accommodate our rising membership of both young and aged.

Today our Club is run by an executive of four, and six committee members, of whom the Walks Co-ordinator holds a key role.

We have built a sound financial base, with some funds invested, and an annual audit of all accounts.

All walkers must register with the Walk Leader, and are expected to wear name tags, and equip themselves suitably.

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