How to book in for a walk

The Walks Program (which is on this website) and the hard copy of the Program, lists all the walks for the next three months. STEPS to take . . .
  • Go through the list, and decide upon dates that suit, as well as walks that may suit you.
  • Each walk will be graded – Easy, Medium or Hard, as well as make reference to the Australian Walking Track Grading System.
  • Under General Information there is a section called Definitions of Walks. From these definitions you can match your current level of fitness, and experience, with the grading of the walk.
  • Each walk has the name of the person leading that specific walk; you need to contact this person to find out details about –
    • Where are club members meeting beforehand?
    • What time are they meeting?
    • What do you need to bring with you? (for example, how much water, how much food etc).
    • What time does the walk finish?
    • What is the cost of transport?
    • You may have other questions about this particular walk?
    • Can I attempt this walk as a trial before I actually join the club?
    • What is the cost of club membership, and what does this membership entail?
  • If you cannot contact the person who is running a particular walk, then contact the Walks Co-ordinator, whose name is at the top of the Walks Program.
  • On our website there is a section called Equipment Checklist. It has lists for both Day Walks, as well as Day Walks in Alpine areas. If you follow these lists, and load your day-pack accordingly, then less is left to chance.
  • Remember that all walks offered have been well planned, the Walks Leaders all have many years of bushwalking experience, the Club always carries multiple First Aid Kits, and that there are rules in place to ensure that there are times when walks have to be cancelled for safety reasons.

The club has an EPIRB, two walky-talkies, GPS devices for navigation purposes, and most members carry their mobile phones with them. Hence there is much emphasis upon maximising safety in the bush for every walk participant. See also our “Sign-in” sheet (link below). WE HOPE YOU CAN JOIN US. HAPPY WALKING . . .
In the event of a lock-down during the covid-19 pandemic . . .
  • we will begin the non-sharing of vehicles, both via car pooling and car shuffling.
  • walks will officially begin at the start of the walk (sign-in) and end back at the start (that is, we will only have loop walks, or there-and-back walks).
  • participants are to make their own way to the start of the walk – however meeting at an easy to find location near the start of the walk may be recommended.
  • if there are more than 10 participants, we will form into two groups, and then stagger the start times (this will be at the discretion of the leader/s).
  • please book in with the walk leader as early as possible, as this will allow us to organise the groups of 10 if necessary.
  • due to the pandemic situation we are unable to allow casual visitors to join us on our walks; when this situation improves we will once more welcome visitors.

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