Kelly’s Cave : Saturday, June 8

Thirteen people took part in the walk to visit Kelly’s Cave, located between Eldorado and Beechworth. Three new members came along which was great, and one has not been in Australia for long; they were all made very welcome.

We could not have asked for a better day, as it was nice and sunny, and the temperature was in the high teens.

The walk was approximately thirteen kilometres, with the majority on a track, and then we headed into the scrub to find the cave.

Morning tea was in a lovely spot, with plenty of fallen trees for us to be able sit and relax.

We then continued our walk until we found the point we had to enter the scrub. Previously three of us had checked out the walk, and left markers which helped on the day.

The bush walking rules of walking in scrub came into play as we found our way to the cave, and on some of the rocky outcrops we got spectacular views of the valley below.

When we arrived at the cave it was lunch time, so it gave everyone a chance to look around and have our lunch.

On our return, we had to be wary of the kangaroo tracks as they can easily help you get lost even though we had markers.

The highlight of the day was seeing three koalas in a tree (who were active) as well as seeing kangaroos and wallabies.

Plus, one of the walkers has read many books about Ned Kelly, and was able to tell us many stories about the area and its relationship with Ned Kelly.

After our walk we went back to Eldorado to enjoy our traditional afternoon tea, which was greatly appreciated after our six hours walk.

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