WEEK AWAY : MERIMBULA, 6th – 13th APRIL 2024

Thirty walkers travelled to Merimbula through mist and rain on Saturday, 6th April, for a communal week at Manna Park Lodge.

Fortunately the weather improved to provide ideal walking conditions over the next six days.

Walks explored the coastline from Mimosa Rocks National Park (north of Tathra) down to Saltwater Creek in Beowa National Park (south of Eden).

Day 1 : Sunday 7/4 : 10.5km Medium and Easy

Most of the group set out for a walk around the Bega River in Mimosa Rocks National Park in sunny mild weather. Moon Bay was visited before a climb through rainforest to Wajurda Point Lookout, with panoramic views along Nelson Beach and Nelson Lagoon. A sea eagle watched our progress.

A short walk on Park Roads brought us to an ideal lunch stop on the lagoon/ beach loop, and a paddle for some. On Return to Moon Bay Road a high loop through shady forest took us back to our vehicles.

A small group chose an easy walk; they drove into the Park and completed the Nelson Lagoon Loop, and the Wajurda Point Track before retiring for lunch in Tathra.

Day 2 : Monday 8/4 : 17km Medium and Easy

Most walkers undertook the southern half of the Wharf to Wharf walk including some side trails. Starting at Merimbula Wharf the walk to Short Point was on coastal reserves in the residential area. We were alarmed to see the local Council starting to dredge an opening to the sea for Back Lake. Fortunately we were allowed to cross and waded through in still calf deep water.

With bare feet we beach walked up to Tura Head. Lunch was taken after a walk out on the Headland side trail. The surfing dolphins were a highlight of this section. The trail headed inland through coastal bush to Bournda Lagoon. Low tide allowed another easy paddle through. After a short beach walk the shady forest walk to Hobart Beach campground and waiting transport was welcome.

The short walk group chose not to paddle across Back Lake but walked out to Long Point from the wharf and along the Merimbula River boardwalk.

Day 3 : 9/4 : 14km Medium and Easy

The main group undertook the northern section of the Wharf to Wharf walk.

Starting at Tathra Wharf (which was closed for repairs) we headed south to Hobart Beach Camp. This section was mainly through coastal bush with several steep descents to bays. We crossed lovely Kianinny Bay and Boulder Bay which was aptly named. Lunch was enjoyed at the picturesque Games Bay.

The shoreline was rocky and broken until the final stretch along the beach blocking the beautiful Wallagoot Lake to the sea.

The short walkers explored the Hobart Beach area, Wallagoot Lake and Bournda Lagoon before retiring for refreshments.

Day 4 : 10/4 : 6-10km Easy

After three strenuous days walking for most of the group it was decided to visit the Haycock Point area at the north of Berowa National Park (formerly Ben Boyd NP). Several short walks to the Pinnacles, Quondolo Point and Heycock Point were visited. We were surprised to see kangaroos out on the rocky Heycock Point, oblivious to several fishermen and walkers.

Day 5 : 11/4 : 13.5km Medium and Easy

Twenty walkers undertook the north half of the Light to Light in the Beowa National Park. We had an 80km drive, and so to save travel time two car loads crossed over with a key swap, and the remaining 15 walkers starting from Boyds Tower in the north were collected at Saltwater Creek by the easy walkers.

This was a beautiful walk, mostly hugging the coast with lots of viewpoints along the way. No whales at this time of year, but we did see dolphin and seals.

The easy walkers visited Boyds Tower, and walked the first section of the track, before driving down the explore Green Cape lighthouse, where they lunched. They then drove into Saltwater Creek to collect the tired and grateful longer walkers.

Day 6 : 12/4 : Various walks around Merimbula and Pambula

On Day 6 we were unable to complete the southern section of the Light to Light due to National Park Track upgrades, so this will be something to return for.

After five solid days of walking for most of us, and facing a long trip home, our last day was a chance to explore the rivers and wetland trails close to the Lodge.

Some walkers also visited walks they had missed during the week; most also visited the local shops, enjoyed coffee, some took a dip in the ocean.

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