Sunrise Track : September 14

This walk was the second in our “Wildflower Week” and the six of us stepped it out at 9am, looking forward to a great walk on a perfect day – blue sky, and a top of 22C.

Our first stop was the quarry, less than a kilometre from the start, and here we indulged in an early morning tea with amazing views over the floodplain of the Ovens and King Rivers.

Heading onwards, and upwards, we followed the single file track to the top of the ridge, enjoying the bird calls (and a few sightings) as well as admiring the grasstrees.

Some wildflowers were also visible, and we all reflected on how fortunate we are to live so close to the Warby Ranges.

On the way downslope we stopped many times to admire the valley views, and lunch was enjoyed back at the cars.

Total walking time was about two and a half hours, and we covered about eight kilometres.

Bird sightings (as logged by Peter) included Turquoise Parrot, Superb Fairy Wren, the Welcome Swallow and the Eastern Rosella.

We also spotted (and photographed) a very busy Red Headed Mouse Spider.


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