Loggers Lane – Wenhams Loop : September 12

Today’s 14km walk involved walking from Ryans Lookout to Wenhams Camp (for lunch) and then return via a different route.

Setting off at about 9.00 from Ryans Lookout, we had morning tea at the junction of Loggers Lane and Stypandra Track, and then continued onwards, enjoying nice views of the Ovens River Flood Plain, and many colonies of grass-trees.

Moving on, we turned north at an un-named single-file track that provides a very scenic loop around to Taylors Track. In this section we enjoyed some nice rocky scenery, the beautiful blooms of the spur-winged wattle, and some more views (including Wangaratta, and the distant high country).

We then made a gradual descent to Wenhams Camp, where lunch was enjoyed sat at the picnic tables.

The Camp was quite busy (with campers) and after a leisurely lunch, we started the journey back to the start, taking a myriad number of single-file tracks to the north.

These tracks took us through some amazing stands of spur-wing wattles, and grass-trees, and eventually back to our vehicles.

This completed a five hour journey for the 12 of us, and our great day was completed by the traditional hot drink and biscuits, organised in absentia by Pat. [Chris]

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