Winton Wetlands : Thursday, 18th August

The Winton Wetlands were created by draining former irrigation storage (Lake Mokoan); Aboriginal people once occupied the areas around the original wetland area, and would have found this to be an ideal environment for their hunter-gatherer life-style.

This walk around the wetlands included the Spit Walk Loop and the Lotjpatj Natjan Danak Sculpture Walk.
Fifteen adventurers (including four newies) braved interesting weather conditions to amble along the ancient duned shores of the Winton Swamp, trekking from the Winton North Road to the Long Neck Turtle art feature where we had a short break.

The rain was threatening, but amazingly we made it back to the car park along the Lunette Walk, and then into the comfort of the Mokoan Hub and Cafe, before the predicted moisture almost arrived.

After soup, snacks and great coffee, most of us explored the gorgeous 14 sculptures along the new “Yarning and Gathering Pathway” which is set out in the shape of special turtle of the Yorta Yorta people.

The predicted storm had still not arrived as we set off back home across the Warby Ranges.


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