Quick Quiz : June 2021

1. Which National Park is home to the Barrk Walk?
2. How long is the Great Ocean Walk?
3. In what year did our walking club conduct its first walk?
4. Name the three capes that make up the Three Capes Walk in Tasmania.
5. Where is the Cape to Cape Walk?
6. Where is the Grand Strzelecki Track?
7. Where are Barry Falls?
8. Which explorers named Mount Buffalo?
9. What is the name of Australia’s highest lake?
10. Which alpine route has the initials FHAC?
11. Who wrote the guide book to the Larapinta Trail?
12. What is the name of the lookout at Mount Glenrowan?
13. The Lavender-Federation Trail links which two South Australian towns.
14. Where is the Montagne Walk?
15. Where is the Light-to-Light Walk?
16. Where is the Bibbulmun Trail?
17. Where are the Mullinmur Billabongs?
18. Where is Klingsporns Track?
19. Where is Bryce Canyon?
20. Where is The Crinoline?
21. In which state are The Budawangs?
22. In which state is The Scenic Rim?
23. Which memorial do you walk past on the way up to Mount Bogong?
24. In which state would you “Walk the Yorke”?
25. Where is the Lost City walk?
26. Where is Warby Corner?
27. Which geographical feature on the Bogong High Plains is named after a fruit?
28. Where is The Monolith?
29. Blair Hut is alongside which alpine river?
30. What do the initials AWTGS stand for?

1. Kakadu NP (NT)
2. 104km
3. 1970
4. Huay, Pillar and Raoul
5. WA
6. Gippsland
7. near Eldorado
8. Hume and Hovell
9. Lake Cootapatamba
10. Falls Hotham Alpine Crossing
11. John Chapman
12. Morgans Lookout
13. Murray Bridge and Clare
14. south of Dinner Plain
15. near Eden, NSW
16. WA
17. downstream of the Northern Beaches, Wangaratta
18. Mount Buller
19. north of Licola (Gippsland)
20. north of Licola (Gippsland)
21. NSW
22. Qld
23. Gadsden Memorial (skiers who died near here in 1943)
24. SA
25. NT
26. on the Bogong High Plains
27. either Raspberry Hill or Strawberry Saddle
28. Mount Buffalo NP
29. West Kiewa
30. Australian Walking Track Grading System

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