Christmas Gathering : December 11

Our annual Christmas get-together was held at the Bowmans Murmungee Memorial Hall for the second year, and once again proved to be an excellent venue, well organised by Anne.

Cecily, and her hard working friends, had set everything up for us, and the night went very smoothly.

As mentioned in the latest newsletter, there was to be a review of the club’s 40 year history at this event, and this was expertly delivered by Adrian Twitt, one of the club’s founders.

Our first walk was in September 1980, and Adrian guided us through the formative years of the club, firstly as a conservation organisation, and how it morphed into the Warby Bushwalkers.

Another highlight of the evening was the awarding of “Life Member” to the tireless Kerry Davenport.

Here’s the address given by club president Cecily Fletcher,

“Kerri Davenport had only been a member of the Warby Range Bushwalkers for a couple of years when she attended the AGM of 2005. At that time the membership consisted of a small group of keen walkers, some from the earliest foundation of the club.

Kerri might have been surprised at the poor attendance at the AGM, but that was quite normal at the time. She might have been even more surprised when retiring president, Val Kemp, nominated Kerri for the presidential position. Kerri is reported to have said, “this is all new to me”. But undaunted, Kerri took up the challenge, and the Club has never looked back.

Kerri’s sunny personality, her welcoming nature, and her attention to detail, won her over to Club members, Soon the membership began to thrive. By the end of that year, membership had passed fifty; few older members could remember a healthier number.

It was testament to the manner in which Kerri ran the Club. It was now a club where enthusiastic members flocked to be on the committee, and the participation by members, on all walks, grew.

In the first year of Kerri’s presidency, she and Paul hosted the annual Christmas Party at their house, then located at Killawarra.

Kerri led walks, and initiated new aspects to the walks program. Kerri negotiated, through her contacts, the use by the Club of the Myrtleford Ski Lodge for a summer weekend at Falls Creek. The weekend attracted 29 participants, something of a record to that time, and the ‘weekend away’ has now become one of the features of our walks program.

Kerri has also been proactive in organising venues for the annual week away, a long tradition of the Club. She has been thorough in her investigations, and unceasingly consultative with other members in her preparation. It is thanks to Kerri that we have had such wonderful venues for weeks away, such as the Kangaroo Valley, the Snowy Mountains, and the Blue Mountains. Her research skills are amazing.

Kerri continued to serve on the committee after retiring from the position of President in 2010. In 2015, Kerri was elected Secretary at the AGM, held with 40 in attendance at the Vine Hotel. As with the presidency, Kerri enmeshed herself into the role; attention to detail has been a trademark of her secretarial role.

The Club has continued to thrive over the years, in no small measure due to Kerri’s active membership, and executive roles. She is an active participant in the walks program, and has a thorough knowledge of the members, and their interests.

Kerri has indicated that she wishes to step down from her role as Secretary, after five years in the position.

Kerri has well, and truly, earned this nomination as a Life Member of the Warby Range Bushwalking Club.”

The evening was very successful, with nearly 50 members attending the event. It was a balmy evening, and the chatter continued until way after dark.

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