Pod walks, June 2020

The 10 member Pod system introduced as a response to the pandemic is working well, and in the past few weeks Pod members have tackled,

  • Reform Hill, and the riverside walk at Myrtleford (10km)
  • White Box Walk (8.5km, Chiltern Mt Pilot NP)
  • Barrys Falls (Eldorado, 16km)
  • Sunrise Track (Warby Ranges, 7km)

Here is Michael’s blog from the Barry Falls Walk on June 21

“It was a case of every rose has its thorn on Sunday June 21, as the Jamsparks Pod was left with only one male walker on this occasion to accompany the nine lovely ladies.

A 16km planned loop walk near Eldorado, including Barry Falls, ended up being a little over 15km, with one section missed on the day. I should have known that if you want to walk along a track called the Southern Track, you should take the signpost pointing to Southern Track.

If only Google Maps and all maps on the planet agreed with each other.

Chiltern-Mt Pilot National Park is a pleasant park to walk through, and although birds were scarce, there were numerous cautious kangaroos, and inquisitive Alpacas/Llamas about.

Not what you would usually expect, but they were fenced off out of the park. A quartet of mountain bike riders making use of the area also passed us on their own trails.

The weather presented a little of everything during the day; there was low cloud driving into Eldorado, and a few light showers during the walk.

The lunch break at Barry Falls was an opportunity for the heavens to open just a little more steadily than at any other time of the walk, but then concluded with a patch of welcomed sunshine.

Barry Falls had a little water cascading over the cliff, but certainly less than anticipated. It undoubtedly was a momentous place for one couple prior to our arrival.

The gentleman had just popped the big question, and the lady accepted. She could not wait to tell someone, and that someone ended up being our ladies in the club who then proceeded to “ooh and aah” over the ring. Although I did not actually see the ring, from all reports it was somewhere in the vicinity between the size of a golf ball, and tennis ball.

The walk was completed in about 4.5 hours, and was an agreeable way to spend a Sunday afternoon”.

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