Bushwalking update: June 16

At the last committee meeting (via Zoom, 14/06) it was decided to continue with our walking Pods until the end of June, but to advertise the walks to all members.

As well, continuing on from July 1,

  • # we will continue with the non-sharing of vehicles, both via car pooling and car shuffling.
  • # walks will officially begin at the start of the walk (sign-in) and end back at the start (that is, we will only have loop walks, or there-and-back walks).
  • # participants are to make their own way to the start of the walk – however meeting at an easy to find location near the start of the walk may be recommended.
  • # if there are more than 20 participants, we will encourage the process of forming the event into two groups, and then staggering the start times (this will be at the discretion of the leader/s).
  • # we are planning to have a formal walks program from July 1 onwards.


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