COVID19: Phase 2 program advice.

We will continue our informal program of walking in ‘Pods’ to provide opportunity for members to join for social walks within the COVID19 restrictions, however under the Phase 2 starting June 1 we will ‘network’ the Pods.

Five Groups have been formed, and have stepped out together for local walks. 39 members have signed up to a group – and more are welcome.

The original COVID 19 arrangements remain:

  • No car-pooling or car shuffling – travel independently to/from walks.
  • No sharing of utensils or shared refreshments.
  • BYO hand sanitiser and pen for sign-in sheet.
  • Maintain social distancing when walking.
  • Don’t attend a walk if you, or a family/close friend is unwell.
  • Members only (no casuals).

‘Networking’ the Pods:

As we can now have up to 20 members on a walk, the details of planned walks can be shared between the leaders for distribution to Pod members, unless a group has decided they would prefer to remain closed to outside participants to protect vulnerable Pod members.

Anyone wishing to join another Pod walk is free to contact the Pod leader where this invitation is open.

We are not broadcasting the Pod walking plans, as it is not our standard program, and to participate we ask people to join a Pod by contacting a Pod leader to be put on their e-mail list.

Thanks to everyone for their creativity in thinking of names for your Pods – and note there has been a challenge put out there for a Pod ‘theme’ song! (McPod is touting “Home Among The Gum Trees” as their theme song).

We look forward to some entertainment at our Christmas gathering, so hope other Pods can rise to this challenge.

Many thanks to the Pod leaders for providing the opportunity for us to keep walking when we are ‘not walking’.

Cecily Fletcher, Club President

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