Bushwalking Update

Warby Range Bushwalkers Update: May 16th

From Cecily Fletcher, Club President

(A PDF copy of this document is available for download under “Walks Program”).

Hello everyone,

The committee met this week, and have made some decisions about moving forward now restrictions are eased, recognising that the presence of COVID-19 remains a risk to be managed.

Membership Fees

We have decided to keep our fees at the same rate this year, $35 single, $65 family, due and payable now.  This will help to keep our club healthy, and viable (that is, able to pay deposits for future weekends, and weeks away, in advance).

However mindful of the fact that everyone’s circumstances are different, and we have had a shortened walking season, we are offering a reduced rate as well, for those who may prefer this. We want everyone to be able to continue to enjoy being a member of our club.

The optional reduced rate is: $25 single, $45 family

Annual Subscriptions are now due, and direct deposit with your name is the preferred payment method. Alternatively, you may post a cheque to:

The Treasurer
Warby Range Bushwalkers Inc.
PO Box 974
Wangaratta, 3676

Bank Transfer: BSB 633 000 Account No. 110647799 Reference (Your name).

For new members, please complete the form accessible on this link:

Subscription Form

If you have paid recently, you are already financial, and do not need to pay again?


We hope to have our AGM in Mid-July, which may need to be by ZOOM, but we hope to have face-to-face. More details will be decided at our next meeting in June.

Transition Program.

A program to provide regular safe walking opportunities within COVID-19 restrictions is outlined below for those who would like to participate in small group activities.  This Transition program will be reviewed in June, and amended as required.

The plan is to create Walking ‘Pods’ of 10, with a nominated leader, who will facilitate their group to plan local walks that meet the groups interests and capacity. By keeping to within set groups we will reduce exposure of members to cross-contamination if a second wave of infection becomes a problem.

  • Pods of up to 10 walkers will be formed, and walk as frequently as they wish.
  • Entry of new walkers to that group of 10 not supported.
  • Walkers can join a particular pod according to their needs –
  • some members may prefer weekend walks over weekdays –
  • some pods may appeal for shorter or more frequent walks.

Proposed ‘Walking Pods’ Leaders:

  • Myrtleford: Marita Samuelson (weekend walks) 0427 521 122
  • Beechworth: Lesley Finedon 5728 1740/ 0439 776 687
  • Wangaratta: Michael and Jeanette (weekend walks) 0417 546 974
  • Wangaratta: Chris McLaughlin 0418 503 802
  • Wangaratta: Bob Shaw 5766 2773/ 0408 475 235

Contact one of the above, and discuss your walking preferences – if you are happy to walk with any of the pods, contact Jeanette Farquhar jeanette3677@dodo.com.au or 0417 546 974 to register your interest, and we will place you in a pod to make up the desired numbers.

If the groups fill up, we will seek another volunteer leader to form an additional group as needed.

The volunteer leaders must ensure the group adheres to the current restrictions on physical distancing, personal hygiene and consider the needs of higher risk members. If you, or one of your family members, are not well, please do not participate in a group walk.

There will be no car-pooling (outside family/household groups) or car shuffling so walks will need to end back where they started.

The volunteer leader must notify the Walks Co-ordinator of where they are walking, and register the names of who is walking specific walks, however other group members are welcome to lead walks for their group as agreed with the leader.

Keeping walks within mobile phone coverage, and within member’s capacity will minimise risk. Any walks planned in the High Country, or isolated areas, should carry an ‘Epirb’ and the Group First Aid Kit, accessible by contacting Jeanette and Michael.

You are of course free not to join a Pod, and just walk independently until our usual program resumes. I know some people have already got out and about with walking friends, and good luck to you.

However, others are looking forward to catching up on a more regular basis with their Warby Walking buddies, and find some new local destinations.

Enjoy the Autumn sunshine, and stay well and happy.

Kind Regards, Cecily Fletcher

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