In the Flinders Ranges

In late 1968, Helen, her dad, and I took a camping holiday to the Flinders Ranges.

Arriving in the South Flinders Ranges, due east of Port Augusta, Dad asked a local farmer for permission to camp on his property.

It was right next to Mount Brown, a significant peak. One afternoon Dad and I went for a walk around the property.

Coming to a steep section, Dad decided to return to camp, while I continued.

The climb was quite strenuous, but in those years I had plenty of energy. I reached the top of Mount Brown.

I stood still surrounded by low bush. Within a few minutes several birds came to visit me, so close I could have reached out to touch them.

In the stillness I experienced a feeling of at-one-ness with the universe.

The experience became a high point in my life, to which I returned in my imagination whenever I felt stressed.

The re-imagining of that moment re-invigorated me for the next part of my personal journey.

May be, you too have had such an experience?

Care to share it?

John van Riet    

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