1. Stanley was formerly known as

a) Wallaby Wetlands

b) Goanna Gully

c) Snake Gully

d) Porpoise Point

2. The height of Mt Stanley is approximately

a) 946m

b) 1046m

c) 1146m

d) 846m

3. In the song Duncan by Slim Dusty, he has a beer with Stanley among others

a) True

b) False

4. Stanley prospered in the 1800’s because of

a) Copper

b) Gold

c) Silver

d) Poker Machines

5. In outback Queensland, there is a town called Stanley Stanley named by Captain S. T. Utter?

a) True

b) False

6. Whose middle name from the bush walking club is Stanley?

a) Michael

b) Jeanette

c) Pat

d) None of the above (and don’t just choose d because it is usually d in a question like this)

7. Match the famous Stanley’s with their occupation

a) Stanley Tucci                                   1) Director

b) Stanley Kubrick                                2) Musician

c) Stanley Clarke                                  3) Sportsman

d) Stanley Johnson                              4) Actor

8. Who is Stan Lee?

a) Comic book writer

b) Editor & publisher

c) TV host & former president of Marvel Comics

d) All of the above (and once again, don’t just choose d because it is usually d in a question like this)

9. The highest Mt Stanley is in

a) Africa

b) South America

c) Australia

d) North America


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