Mount Samaria Quiz

Mt Samaria State Park

1. During the 1920’s the area became known for

a) gold mining

b) a naturist colony (nudists)

c) a large-scale timber industry

2. An area of about 7000ha was declared a State Park in

a) 1929

b) 1979

c) 1949

3. During the 1940’s Europeans squatted in the area

a) for grazing purposes

b) because they ended up lost

c) because long drop toilets were not yet common

4. The elevation of Mount Samaria is about 953m which would make it

a) the 3rd highest peak in the Lakes District, England

b) not even listed in the top 10 mountains in Scotland

c) rather insignificant in the South American Andes

5. At Wild Dog Creek Falls it is possible to see

a) a seasonal waterfall

b) wild dogs falling

c) Winton Wetlands

6. The name ‘Samaria’ is

a) a popular name for dogs

b) a type of rice dish

c) derived from an ancient city in the middle east

7. The ‘Good Samaritan’

a) is a biblical character and story

b) completely fictitious

c) lives in Swanpool

8. The literal meaning of Samaria is

a) untamed land or un-worked land

b) watch tower or watch mountain

c) man of the mountain or hill or mound or pile

9. From the summit of Mt Samaria it is possible to see

a) the sea

b) Winton Wetlands

c) Lake Nillahcootie

10. The purpose of the kilns were to

a) dry mud bricks

b) meet the demand for kiln dried flooring timber in 1924

c) bake the best pizzas around

11. Which of these wildflowers can be found in the area

a) Kunzea Newbeyi, Phillip Island Hibiscus, Frankston Spider Orchid

b) activating plants, one day daisies, milk persons

c) trigger plants, everlasting daisies, milkmaids

12. Walking in the bush the following wildlife may be noted

a) kangaroos, wallabies and rosellas

b) yowies, bunyips and drop bears

c) 3 French hens, 2 Turtle Doves and a Partridge in a pear tree

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