Mount Jack Quiz

Who’s a famous “Jack” then?

1. Name the singer who had an album called “Whispering Jack”.

2. Name the actor whose famous movie lines include, “Heeere’s Johnny” and “YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!”

3. This Jack, a notorious criminal, terrorised London in the late 1880’s.

4. Name the sport that has a “jack”.

5. Name this Jack – an Australian golfer, who lost an arm in an accident involving an aeroplane propeller.

6. Name this Jack – one of America’s greatest golfers winning 18 career majors and nick named ‘the golden bear”.

7. Name this Jack – an American DJ from the 60’s to 90’s with a distinct gravelly voice.

8. Black or White? Which Jack is in a band called the White Stripes and which Jack is an actor and, in a band, called Tenacious D?

9. Although his real name is John, this Jack played bass alongside Eric Clapton in the band Cream. His surname is also a first name.

10. This Jack’s surname is the name of one of the world’s great cities. His claim to fame as a novelist was for the books, “White Fang” and “Call of the Wild”.

11.  What an odd couple. One of these Jack’s played the role of Oscar in the TV series The Odd Couple with Tony Randall. The other Jack played the role of Felix in the original movie of the same name with Walter Matthau.

12. Name the hit song by the Rolling Stones that features a Jack.

13. He’s a fictitious Jack in the Pirates of the Caribbean.

14. Nursery Rhyme Jacks.

a) Name the Jack who could eat no fat. It was apparently a 16th century term for people small in stature.

b) What did this Jack break while trying to fetch a pale of water.

c) This Jack needed at least two attributes to jump over the candle stick.

d) Etiquette please! Who was the Jack who sat in a corner and what did he do while eating a Christmas pie?

15. Oops, almost forgot. Mt Jack is approximately how high above sea level? 1000m, 1200m or 1400m.


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