Alpine Views Track : August 15

There were 15 bushwalkers on this adventure, and we all gathered at Wenhams Camp just after 9am for an early start.

The distance planned for walk was about 12 kilometres, and we had a beautiful blue sky, with a top temperature of about 15C.

Setting off, we followed Friends Track to the west and made the detour to Kwat Kwat Lookout, where we had a very scenic morning tea, sharing the views with a very elegant wedge-tailed eagle.

We are not sure as to what exactly was the eagle’s intended prey; was it us bushwalkers, our morning tea or Pat’s bag of confectionery snakes.

Regardless, this eagle gave us an excellent display of determination, style, systems and procedures.

As well, the views of the high country were excellent, as were the vista of the surrounding flood-plain.

We then retreated slightly so as to rejoin Friends Track, and then the left turn onto the Alpine Views Track.

There were some more great views on this descent, and we subsequently took the turn-off to Mount Warby, where we had lunch, once more enjoying the gorgeous blue sky.

Heading downslope from the Mount to Wenhams, we had a very enjoyable early afternoon tea to conclude our adventure.

Total travel time was about five hours, and we all passed comment on the wattle blooms.

There was also signs of movement from some of the wildflowers – more of that in September.


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