The Bruarong Walk : July 3

Sunday Morning, and there were only seven keen walkers that set out to do the climb up Bruarong Lane, to the Escarpment Road in Stanley State Forest.

The frost was heavy on the ground, but we walked in a speed that warmed us up. It was a beautiful winters day, with mostly clear blue sky, and fairly still, with a few exceptions where the wind was strong and cold.

We found a pleasant spot to have our morning coffee break, and also our lunch, which was in the long-forgotten settlement of Hillsborough.

The views from the escarpment were spectacular, with snow capped peaks on the far away mountain ranges, as well as a glittering body of water that we guessed would be Lake Hume. As we have all done multiple walks in the area, we enjoyed pointing out in what direction this or that walk was.

All of us were keen do the longest of the walks on offer, so we ended up doing a bit of exploration of the area. However, we realized that we were walking down a road that was taking us away from where we wanted to go, so back up the hill we trotted, happy that we had realized our error, and also happy that we were in a beautiful forest.

We found our way back down the hill to where the cars were parked, and after our 12 km walk we had a very nice hot drink, and more social time before we parted.

When can we meet and walk again? Soon I hope.


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