Alpine Views Walk : February 20

The predicted weather for today was mostly sunny, with a predicted top of about 32C, so the nine of us met at the start of the walk (at 8am), so as to make it an early finish, and avoid the heat of the day.

The distance planned for walk was about 12km, and heading up slope, things were looking much drier than our last walk (in the spring of 2021), and we made it in reasonably cool conditions to Mount Warby.

Here we had morning tea, grateful for a nice breeze that had sprung up since we set off.

From Mount Warby, we descended to the start of Alpine Views Track, and then began a gradual descent back to the cars.

Lunch was held in the environs of the Falls (which were not running), and we then headed back to the cars for a cuppa and a biscuit or two.

Total time taken was about five hours, and we enjoyed the forest, its collection of wildflowers, seeing some kangaroos, and having a good natter on the track.


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