Mount Jack : November 21

Mount Jack is located on the northern side of the scenic Rosewhite Gap, and this is where 12 members of Warby Walkers headed to, on a beautiful spring day.

As this walk involved some car-shuffling, it took some time before we all got to the starting point of the walk, so it was time for morning tea before we even started, but it meant socializing and discussing our walking options for the day, so this was fine.

The walk started with a fairly steep section on “Mount Jack Track”, which soon evened out to an undulating track towards the summit.

The elevation of Mount Jack is just a bit above 1200M, so the coolness was refreshing, and the weather overall was perfect; mainly sunny with a pleasant temperature that made it feel like early summer.

The forecast, only a couple of days earlier, had been for lots of rain, so we were all very grateful for how it turned out.

The landscape that we were surrounded by was tall mature natural forest. There were also plenty of wildflowers for us to enjoy, and lots of bird life.

Sections of the forest had been burned, but we were unable to come to a conclusion as to when that had occurred, and even if it was from a burn-off, or from a lightning strike.

The group walked a total of between 7 and 11km, depending on the route chosen, and at the end of the walk we all enjoyed an afternoon ”cuppa”, before we said “see you next time”.


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