South Wall, Mt Buffalo : November 6

This interesting walk was attended by 17 participants, and the first challenge was driving the winding road to the top of the Mount Buffalo Plateau, during which we were slowed down by thick fog limiting our vision.

Starting from Cresta Valley, the South Walk is approximately 8.5k, with the elevation varying from around 1475m to around 1600m, through snowgum meadows, small plains and many rocky outcrops.

Parts of the area we walked through had been burnt in previous bushfires, and it was good to see the snowgums, and other small plants, making their comeback.

Along the route, and from our lunch spot at the South Buffalo View Point, we had views to The Horn, and to Lake Buffalo.

However, the fog was still blocking our views to the Buckland Valley and the Alps; to compensate for this, the return walk had views to The Hump and The Cathedral.

Afternoon tea was enjoyed back at Cresta Valley, before departing for home.

The forecast of afternoon showers, and the chance of a thunderstorm, was delayed until we arrived back at Wangaratta.


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