Warby Ranges North-to-South

This weekend (October 3 and 4) we are commemorating 40 plus years of our club, and the amazing “greenlisting” of the Warby Ovens National Park with the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) – the first in Victoria, and only the 4th in Australia – see  https://iucngreenlist.org/about/  and  https://iucngreenlist.org/explore/green-list-sites/

It will be an interesting weekend if you wish to complete the great North to South along the Warby Range, or if you want to walk one of the two days, or do some of the shorter walks!

The weather is somewhat foreboding, with big rains predicted over the next three days, and then drier on the weekend, but we may experience showers, particularly on Sunday 3rd.

Covid-19 will affect the walks to an extent. We need to be serious about carrying (and using at times) our masks. The regulations suggest that we need travel in groups of 10 maximum, with two groups maximum on walks; that is, 20 walkers in two distinct groups.

At the very public Rotary Park we will have to stay in groups of 10 before driving off towards the Warbys.

BYO morning tea, lunch, snacks, water, thermos and poles etc———–

Text to Andy Kimber – 0439 209 749

Day 1 walk plans for Saturday 2nd October are
A. Main N to S walk. About 19 km (hard). Jeanette (0417 546 974) will lead the walk from the Tower Road intersection with Boweya Road, to Wenham’s Camp on Booth Road.

Meet at Rotary Park in Wangaratta at 8.30am for meet and greet. $4 (cash) for drivers

Start at Tower Rd/Boweya Rd – parking at very beginning of Tower Road.
Follow Tower Rd south, then climb to Mt Killawarra for morning tea.

Descend back to Tower Rd, continuing on to Spring Creek Picnic area, for
lunch break (approx 8.5 km).

From Spring Creek picnic area south along Adams Rd to Granite Track,
then Blakelys Track to Wangandary Rd and Ryans Lookout (approx 14 km) for
afternoon tea/snack break.

Cross Wangandary Rd to follow Loggers Lane, Taylors Track, Friends Track
to Wenham’s Camp (approximate 19 km in total) for club afternoon tea.

or B. Chris (0418 503 802) will lead the Grass Tree Loop Walkan approximate 12 kms medium walk, starting at Wenham’s, and circling around visiting many outstanding wildflower places, with superb views, including from Mt Warby.

– late Saturday – the original idea of some club members camping, plus people gathering around a fire has been abandoned. There will be many other people up there, plus as mentioned before, the weather may be challenging.

Day 2 walk plans for Sunday 3rd October are

A. Main N to S walk. About 18 km (hard) Andy (0439 209 749) will lead the walk from Wenham’s Camp to Morrison’s Winery, on the edge of Glenrowan.

Meet at Rotary Park in Wangaratta at 8.30 am for meet and greet. $4 (cash) for drivers.

Leave Wenham’s towards Mt Warby, down Salisbury Walk to Boilerwood Track, and then west to Spot Mill Track, and Bailey’s Rd area for morning tea. 

Through the bush briefly, inside the national Park to Allan’s Track, and then down to Taminick Gap (approx 11 km) for lunch.

Follow the Mount Glenrowan lookout walk to Mt Glenrowan for a break, before heading down to Morrison’s winery for a few wines!!

B. Wenham’s to Taminick Gap (about 11 km).

Medium walk. Obviously transport from the gap will need to be organised.

C. Taminick Gap to Mt Glenrowan, and down into Morrison’s Winery (about 7 km) Medium walk – people wanting to walk this section will need to keep contact with Andy, re coordinating with the main group walking south (but not walking with them, if we have more than 20!)

See also these PDF attachments.

Map 1

Map 2

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