Warby Falls Heritage Trail : July 02

The Warby Falls Heritage Trail was created several years ago, and aims to display the farming life of Ben Warby’s family, early settlers of the Wangaratta area.

The Heritage Trail loops in and out of the range country behind Booths Winery, and provides an enjoyable 7.5km walk.

We had 14 participants on today’s outing, and after meeting at Rotary Park, we drove up to the Warby Ranges.

We started at Spot Mill Track, and then continued to Cellar Track, where we had morning tea, in a cleared area, sitting on fallen logs.

Whilst at morning tea, a curious wombat hurried by, not so far away, to our enjoyment, but scarpered when it caught sight of us.

We also caught sight of a number of wallabies and/or kangaroos during the walk.

We stopped to read all the storyboards along the route, including the one at the Spot Mill site located behind Booths, Taminick Cellars Winery.

We then continued to the sheep dip storyboard, before following the trail up the gully, stopping at the weirs built on the very scenic creek along the way.

Lunch was enjoyed at the top of a scenic waterfall, where a small stream was flowing through.

The previously forecast rain didn’t arrive, and we had a cold, part cloudy, part sunny, day with a high of about 12C in the early afternoon.

When the cloud cover made way for the sun, the warmth was welcome.

Pat’s ever popular afternoon tea was enjoyed at the end of the walk, making a nice finish to an enjoyable day in the bush.


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