Cup Day: November 3rd, 2020

There were three Cup Day walks this year (due to the Covid-19 pandemic) all of them based at Wenham’s Camp in the Warby Ranges, and we then had the traditional Cup Day celebrations back at Wenham’s.

  • Walk 1 was from Wenham’s to Salisbury Falls, and return. There were nine people on this adventure, and we headed north on the Friend’s Track, around to the Alpine Views Track, and then descended to Boilerwood Track, so as to reach Salisbury Falls for lunch.

    After a rushed meal, the group started back on the trek uphill to Mt Warby. The wildflowers were magnificent, the views were terrific, and the company was excellent on this 12km walk.

    Next time (if we go back to Wenham’s for Cup Day) I will start the longer walk an hour earlier, so as to allow a more leisurely and enjoyable walk, and lunch, without rushing our last few kms. And, of course, there was only a deadline because it was Cup Day. [Jeanette]

  • Walk 2 was along Hoysted’s Track. Six club members headed off for this 7km adventure, pushing through the now very thick flowering native plants, and weedy scrub, on their way to Booth Road, via the boardwalk.

    Then it was down the rarely visited Hoysted’s Track Loop, which cut through a sea of blooming wildflowers, with millions of everlasting flower heads, rejoicing in the fine weather after the substantial spring rain. [Andy]

  • Walk 3 was Friend’s Loop. This was a group of six, mainly new members, and we set off on this easy 5-6km, warm afternoon amble.

    Many stops were made to read the signage, and admire the wildflowers, and birdlife. Lots of everlastings, chocolate lilies, blue bells and donkey orchids delighted them along the way.

    A detour was made to Kwat Kwat Lookout for lunch, overlooking the very green Ovens Valley, and it was then a sprint to the ‘stalls’ in time for The Cup. They just made it by 3pm! [Karen]

The horses were drawn, and allocated for the sweep, and the radio broadcast started with “They’re in the gates”.

The winner of the sweep was Cheryl Hoysted (somebody with a long family history of race winners).

Then everyone with a gorgeous hat (including Rod Davis) was in the circular hat parade, and the judged winner was Ann Brain, who had created a delightful feature of sprigs of wattle placed among a decorative red mesh. Ann is a recycle whiz, with a former orange bag.

My thanks to Andy and Karen for leading their walks. An enjoyable social time during, and after, the walks was had by all.


Coming Events

Saturday 7th November. Orchard Loop Track, Stanley State Forest. Jeanette, 0417 546 974. An easy loop walk of approx 10k from Bates Dam, following some undulating fire tracks through Stanley State Forest, with some good views along the way.

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