AGM : July 2020

Our long awaited Annual General Meeting was held on 27 July, the venue being the Town and Country Tavern, Wangaratta.

After a nice meal at the Tavern, our President, Cecily Fletcher, opened the meeting and welcomed attendees.

It was noted that this meeting is later in the year from normal practice due to meeting restrictions imposed by the Corona Virus management.

Sixteen members attended in person to ensure the required social distancing.

Four other members used Zoom to participate in the meeting.

Present: Kerri Davenport, Pat Kuhle, Anne Turnbull, Helen Twitt, Adrian Twitt, John Van Riet, Jeanette Farquhar, Michael Braendler, Glenda Hall, Bob Shaw, June Brown, Cecily Fletcher, Ann Brain, Peter Brain, Kelvin Longhurst, Anne Ford.

Zoom participants: Andy Kimber Chris McLaughlin, Yvonne McLaughlin, Cheryl Hoysted.

Apologies : Marita Sammuelsson, Robert Chard, Ellen Chard, Helen Van Riet, Sonia Bihun, Sandie Church, Judy Shaw, Karen Davis, Rod Davis, Margot O’Halloran, John Gullock, Paul Davenport, John Kerby.

The President’s Report, Treasurer’s Report and Walks Report were presented, and as a part of her report, Cecily made particular mention of the outstanding work of retiring secretary Kerri Davenport over many previous years. The club’s thanks were extended to Kerri for her great contribution as secretary.

Cecily also made particular mention of how well the club had managed the requirements of the Corona Virus Pandemic, including communication, and the adapted walks program through the structure of pods of walkers. Particular thanks goes to the Pod leaders during this period.

Annual subscriptions for 2020/2021 were voted on, and remain at the current rate of $35.00 single, $65 per family. However, in particular circumstances the club will offer fees of $25.00 single, and $45 per family.

For the election of Office Bearers, Adrian Twitt took the chair.

Adrian thanked Cecily Fletcher for her work as president over the last 12 months. He also thanked the retiring committee members, and conducted the nomination, and election procedure, for office bearers, as follows,

President, Cecily Fletcher

Secretary, Peter Brain

Treasurer, Bob Shaw

Cecily then resumed the chair, thanked all retiring committee members for their work during their terms of office, and conducted the nomination and election procedure for the new committee as follows (in alpha order),

Michael Braendler

Sandie Church

Jeanette Farquhar

Anne Ford

Andy Kimber

Kelvin Longhurst

Chris McLaughlin

Anne Turnbull

Trevor Turnbull

After these formalities, the very successful AGM was then closed.

The planned presentation regarding the formation of our club (nearly 40 years ago) was delayed to an appropriate social meeting later in the year.

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