Bushwalking update : July 24

Here is the latest info on our bushwalking activities during the pandemic . . .

  • # we will continue with the non-sharing of vehicles, both via car pooling and car shuffling.
  • # walks will officially begin at the start of the walk (sign-in) and end back at the start (that is, we will only have loop walks, or there-and-back walks).
  • # participants are to make their own way to the start of the walk – however meeting at an easy to find location near the start of the walk may be recommended.
  • # if there are more than 10 participants, we will form into two groups, and then stagger the start times (this will be at the discretion of the leader/s).
  • # please book in with the walk leader as early as possible, as this will allow us to organise the groups of 10 if necessary.
  • # due to the pandemic situation we are unable to allow casual visitors to join us on our walks; when this situation improves we will once more welcome visitors.

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