Falls Creek weekend : March 1-3

We had 29 participants attend this Falls Creek weekend, staying at the Myrtleford Ski Club Lodge.

Saturday’s walks all started at the Watchbed Creek Trackhead, and then along the Big River Fire Track.

The easy walkers turned left onto the Heathy Spur Track after about three kilometres, and continued to the Heathy Spur Trackhead, which is located close to the northeast end of the Rocky Valley Storage Dam wall, completing a walk of about eight kilometres.

The medium walkers were split into two groups, with one group trekking to Johnstons Hut and Edmondson Hut, and the other group trekking to Edmondson Hut only.

Both groups returned along the Big River Fire Trail to the Heathy Spur Track, and finished at the Heathy Spur Trackhead.

The walks were titled One Hut and Two Huts, and the groups walked about 12k and 14k.

The hard walkers followed the Big River Fire Track for about nine kilometres, before turning off to Ropers Hut.

Ropers Hut has been rebuilt by skilled craftsmen, and is located within a very picturesque setting, with snow gums surrounding it. On their return walk, most of the hard walkers also checked out Edmondson and Johnston Huts, thus making their walk about 24k. Well done.

Saturday night’s dinner was enjoyed at the lodge accommodation, with dips and cheese platters, followed by lasagne with salad, and then dessert of chocolate brownie with berries and cream. Very yummy!

Sunday’s walks both started near the Pretty Valley Pondage. One group walked to the Tawonga Huts, located in a picturesque setting with snowgums, before they headed uphill to Mount Jaithmathang (1852m) for the most excellent views. The second group walked to Cope Saddle Hut, then followed the Cope West Aqueduct, before turning off to reach Ryders Huts.

Everyone was impressed, not only with the huts, but the near new toilet facility. Lunch was enjoyed, photos taken, and then the return trek was underway.

The group walking to Tawonga Huts, and beyond, had a walk of about 13k, an impressive effort as most of these walkers, if not all, had walked 24k on Saturday.

The Ryders Huts walk was about 12k.

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