Gapsted to Stanley via Flagstaff Road : December 17

Fourteen participants attended this event, and formed a short walk group of five, and a long walk group of nine.

Both groups started together near Taylors Gap (Gapsted) on the Flagstaff Road, and stopped for morning tea at about the three kilometre mark; Flagstaff Road provides good views on each side of the road, while steadily climbing in elevation.

Following morning tea, the short walk group returned to the start, whilst those completing the long walk continued north along Flagstaff Road.

After completing the six kilometre short walk, the short walk group drove to Murmungee Lookout, and walked to Clarks Corner for a leisurely lunch in the coolest shade of the Stanley Forest. Some of the group chose to have a siesta on the grass in the shade, all while waiting for the long walk group to arrive.

The short walk group decided to meet the long walk group as they approached Clarks Corner, so headed on down Burgoigee Road.

They were about a kilometre down the road when they received a call, from those completing the long walk, advising they had missed the Burgoigee Road turnoff, and were now on Six Mile Road heading for Clarks Corner. Unfortunately the map didn’t have Burgoigee Road named on it. The short walk group then headed back to Clarks Corner and met them there.

After a welcome break in the cool shade of the forest at Clarks Corner, both groups headed off to Murmungee Lookout for the excellent views, and Pat’s welcome afternoon tea.

Overall the short walkers completed approximately 12km, and the long walkers completed approximately 19km.

We had two casual walkers join us on the day, and two new members joined us on their first walk with the club.

It was a sunny day, and hot along Flagstaff Road, which generally runs north/south, so the track was mostly sunny and not shaded by the forest.

[Jeanette and Michael]

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