Cup Day walk from Taminick Gap to Morrison’s Winery

On Tuesday, the 7th of November, 14 walkers headed off up the ridge from Taminick Gap in warm but pleasant conditions.

Most enjoyed a small glass of a classic white on the summit of Mount Glenrowan before plunging down the fairly steep and trackless south ridge (with some new orange markers provided to help with navigation) towards the winery.

By the time we arrived at Bob’s delightful place we had ambled about eight kilometres in total, with the last three kilometres being rather rugged!!

About 12 non-walking Club members joined the walkers at Morrison’s where we had lunch and socialised before preparing ourselves for the big race!!

Bob “sort of” volunteered to judge the gorgeous hat competition just before 3pm, with five mares and one stallion lining up.

Some hats were bedecked in the superb local flowers, but the prize went to Pat’s simple but exquisite red mini bonnet!

The names of horses were tooth picked to charmingly decorated cup cakes, and the race was listened to intently.

Amazingly, Anne Ford won the coveted Warby Cup for the second time in two years!!

Thanks goes to Bob Morrison for his great “horsepitality” (again!) and the organisers of the cakes and the sweep!!

Coming Events

Saturday, 18th, or Sunday 19th November

West Ridge Walk, Mount Buller

Anne, 0427 576 664

This walk is subject to the weather as it climbs to exposed terrain and altitude. A challenging walk of approx 6km from near Mirrimbah, following the West Ridge along bush tracks, then ascending along a rocky ridge to Mount Buller summit; this involves steep rock scrambling, and boulder climbing nearing the summit.

Car shuffle, or free bus, required back to start, after enjoying a coffee at Mount Buller village.

This walk will take place on the day with weather best suited for the walk.

Easy options may be offered, depending on interest.

Friday, 1st, to Sunday, 3rd December

High Country Historic Walking Tour, Anglers Rest

Adele, 0456 412 192

Staying at Anglers Rest, either camping, caravanning, or hoteling it at the Blue Duck Inn.

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