Sunday, 8th October. Grass Tree Celebration

Sunday, 8th October was the date for the Grass Tree Celebration Walk in the Warby Ranges, and 16 people attended this event, celebrating these magnificent plants which are threatened by a nasty pathogen called phytophthora.

Several Grass Tree (Xanthorrhoea glauca) experts were available to explain the possible future problems associated with these exceptional plants, and what action could be taken to defend our flora.

We walked about five kilometres from Wenham’s in a clockwise direction, firstly along a new bike path, and then down Taylor’s Track and the Friends Track back to our cars at the camp.

Visitors from Melbourne, Warragul and the Otway Ranges were with us to assess the environment and the probable risks with our iconic and often very old Grass Trees.

Then everyone enjoyed Pat’s now almost internationally famous cuppa with the accompanying exquisite biscuits!!


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