Warby Heritage Trail : June 2

The Warby Falls Heritage Trail was created several years ago, and aims to display the farming life of Ben Warby’s family, early settlers of the Wangaratta area.

The Heritage Trail loops in and out of the range country behind Booths Winery, and provides an enjoyable 7.5km walk.

Nine enthusiastic walkers (including three “newies”) headed off in fine conditions on the walk, starting on Booth’s Road.

The route went along Spot Mill Track, then descended along Cellar Track before reaching the rear of Booth’s Winery, where we could see the actual ancient spot mill!

We followed the foot track to the old sheep dip site, then along the gully next to the Warby Heritage Falls, passing old dry stone weirs, cascades and rock pools.

The group stopped above one amazing pool, which was named the Granite Nostril, before we walked back to the cars, and another delightful cuppa and fresh biscuits organised by Pat!!


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