Stringybark Creek, Toombullup State Forest : October 12

We had a wet start to a fine day with 17 participants on this walk, led by local identity Adrian who has a passion for history and, thankfully for our group, likes to share it with us.

After meeting Adrian outside the Greta Cemetery, we had a quick look at the Kelly graves before heading off to Stringybark Creek to begin our walk.

We started with morning tea, before beginning the 9k loop walk from Stringybark Creek Camping Area.

This took us to the historic grave of Emma Heller (1889) before we trekked along an old, and now overgrown, road to the site of the Kelly Camp, located beside the former Bullock, now Kelly Creek.

The Kelly’s had a hut at this location and a still; years later a timber mill was located on this site.

This was followed by a trek off-track through the bush before reaching a gravel road.

Before we found the road a number of leaches had found us, as we made our way through the bush.

Some of us were feasted upon, and others found the leaches before they could be.

Several birds were also out and about through our walk.

After reaching the road we found a number of fallen logs suitable for a lunch break before continuing on our way.

Upon reaching the Historic Reserve, Adrian pointed out the various features identified from the historic photographic records to show us the police camp site, and the tree where one of the police lay slain, together with information and description of the location, and events from records of that time.

We also wandered about, checking out the new storyboards and features of this historic precinct, before returning to the camping area for Pat’s afternoon tea.


Forthcoming Events

Thursday 17th October

Reform Hill and the Mosaic Trail, Myrtleford

Erin 0419 200 998

Two short walks at Myrtleford. The first is an easy to medium loop walk of approx. 3k with a hill climb and descent of Reform Hill where you will come across old mine shafts, a former mine tunnel and quarry.

Also along this walk is a Hume & Hovell monument and of course the lookout at the top of the hill. Followed by an easy level walk of approx. 5k alongside the Ovens River on the new Mosaic Trail. How many will you find??

Upper Murray weekend

Friday 25th, Saturday 26th & Sunday 27th October

An update on the forthcoming Flaggy Creek Walk

I’m thinking of altering the venues for this weekend – the Flaggy Creek Falls are not running, and the rockpool is empty (due to the dry conditions).

My Plan B is to have a base camp at Tallangatta, and walk the High Country Rail Trail from Shelley to Koetong (14km, a 200m descent and lots of trestle bridges) on the Saturday, and then do the Mount Granya Walk on the Sunday (as originally planned).

The Flaggy Creek Walk is quite hard, and I think it would be best to reschedule this walk to a date when the Falls will be at their best.

So, Plan B is my preferred option at this stage, but above average rainfall during the next two weeks may alter this.


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