Friends Loop etc : September 24

Twenty happy walkers (including four staff members from the Wangaratta Visitor Information Centre) set out from Wenhams Camp for this nice, moderate rated, adventure of about 12km.

The weather was sunny, with some increasing cloud cover, the max temp being about 15C.

We walked north from Wenhams picnic area, where we took a mountain bike track off to the west, to meet up with Friends Track 3.6km later.

Here, we found a very scenic creek-side location for morning tea, and then continued our route along Friends Track (and alongside the rocky, wattle studded, creek).

We then took the detour to Kwat Kwat Lookout (excellent views), and then moved on to the intersection of Friends Track and Alpine Views Track.

This (Alpine Views Track) provided us with a long loop to the south, with great views of the not too distant high country.

A very scenic lunch was enjoyed on this section, and we then staggered back to Wenhams via Mount Warby.

Overall, a very enjoyable, albeit tiring, walk.

The wildflowers, and flowering shrubs, had put on a great show for us, and this was the perfect walk venue.

Many Thanks to Glenda for helping to sort out an unusual sign-in procedure; to Adrian for giving an update on the effects of climate change on the Warby Ranges, and a brief history of the National Park; to Pat, Michael and Kelvin for being tail-end-charlie, and to Pat, for those delicious macadamia biscuits.


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