The Warby Range Bushwalking Club

The Warby Range Bushwalkers Club (WRBC) is based in Wangaratta, North East Victoria.

A fun and friendly way to keep fit, meet new people, and enjoy the beautiful scenery of North East Victoria, and other locations throughout Australia.

The Club is open to anyone and everyone who enjoys fun, fitness and friendship. Our membership ranges from young professionals, to families, and energetic retirees, with walks to suit all ages and capabilities.

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WRB News

Mystery Rocks : December 9

Chinese Prayer Stones The mystery of the rock cairns in the far reaches of the Middle Creek high up in the hills between Greta and Tolmie, were the cause of the Warby Range Bushwalkers venture on 9th December. The previous attempt to take a group there became unstuck when, several months earlier, Geoff Dinning and…

Mount Buffalo : Saturday, 1st December; Sunday 2nd December.

In perfect weather, three separate club groups explored the Mount Buffalo Plateau last weekend. It was also perfect timing, as after recent rain, the wildflowers were abundant, with swathes of pink bells (Tetratheca), pea and daisy bushes providing colourful displays. The largest party (all 17 of them) walked the 10kms from the Reservoir to the…

Warby Ranges – election day special

On voting day (Victoria State Election), Karen led a very pleasant walk in the local bushland, fresh after long awaited rain. 14 eager walkers completed a circular walk in the Warbies, accompanied by a fresh breeze. After recent precipitation, the everlastings were abundant, and to our delight many grass trees were flowering. The group came…

Mount Buffalo weekend

Please note that, to avoid a clash with the State Election on November 24th, the Mount Buffalo walks will now taken place on the weekend of December 1 and 2. If anyone would like to help out with the reconnoitre of this walk (to take place on November 10/11) please contact Cecily Fletcher on 0490…