Walk Leader’s Responsibilities


Prior to the walk
1. Check out your walk if necessary.

2. Take bookings and offer walk advice (for example, difficulty; clothing/equipment, food/water requirements etc).

3. Have maps available for participants (at least one between two walkers). Maps can be printed at Office Choice 9-11 Murphy Street Wangaratta, where the club has an account.

4. Collect the walks bag from the Walks Co-ordinator. Make sure that you have a first aid kit and club camera, plus GPS, EPIRB and walkie talkies if required. Ensure the batteries for the camera are charged.

5. Check if Afternoon Tea Co-ordinator (Pat Kuhle) is attending, if not arrange for the collection of the “Cuppa Box”.

At the Meeting Point on the day
1. Make sure that all participants sign on.

2. Check member’s and casual member’s lists (in Leaders Handbook), take money from non-members, write receipts and ask non-members to complete subscription form. Put $s and forms in a pre-addressed envelope.

3. Give non-members latest program of walks and newsletter.

4. Have the walkers introduce each other; we encourage the wearing of name tags.

5. Issue maps and outline the walk to participants.

6. Insist that walkers have appropriate clothing (for example, parkas, hats, footwear).

7. Organise car pooling – refer to the charges for all participants (see tin in walks bag with instructions).

8. Appoint a photographer who can take charge of the Club’s camera for the day.

9. Arrange a walker or two to carry the first aid kit/s.

The Walk
1. Make sure that walkers understand the rules for keeping together. Appoint a “tail-end-charlie”. Leaders can lead from the front or rear, but if the latter, make sure that there is a reliable person at the front who knows the route and when to stop. Alternate the tail-ender with another responsible person after a rest stop.

2. Have a rest stop within 20 minutes of commencement to check on the group. This is the time to assess their capabilities, and at what pace you should proceed. Ensure that the slowest person has a proper rest when the group stops.

3. Have a morning tea break early rather than late.

4. Depending on how pressing it is to complete the walk, make the lunch stop lengthy rather than short, as this is a good time for the group to socialise. Give a few minutes warning when you think it is time to move on.

5. If any walkers wish to break from the main group (for example, to complete a longer or shorter distance), the leader must be told, and must be confident that the “break away” group knows the route, and the intentions of the main group, including where they will meet up. Usually a minimum of three people should be in a “break away”.

6. Check carefully at the end of the walk that all have returned.

7. Enjoy a cuppa after the walk.

After the Walk – AS SOON AS POSSIBLE
1. Write up the Walk Report, place in sleeve in Leaders’ Handbook with a map or sketch of the walk.

2. Send the Walk Report to Publicity Person & Website Manager or arrange for this to occur via the Walks Coordinator.

3. Return the walks bag with the Leaders Handbook, receipt book & all equipment to Walks Co-ordinator.

4. Deliver subscription forms and $s to the Treasurer, or arrange for this to occur via the Walks Co-ordinator.


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