If the walk leader(s) cannot be contacted to book into a walk,

phone Jeanette, 0417 546 974; or Michael, 0447 617 880.

If a walk needs to be cancelled (for example, due to weather) an alternative walk will be offered where possible.

AWTGS = Australian Walking Track Grading System (see under ‘Walks Program’ on website for details)






Sunday, 3rd July

Bruarong Escarpment


Marita, 0427 521 122

Friday, 8th July

Orchard Track, Stanley State Forest.


Lesley, 0439 776 687

Saturday, 16th July

Kangaroo Hill, Eldorado

E/M & M

Jeanette, 0417 546 974

Sunday, 31st July

Kancoona Gap Track, Kancoona


Michael, 0447 617 880

Saturday, 13th August


White Box Walk,

Chiltern - Mt Pilot NP. 


Sandi, 0439 552 152

Thursday, 18th August. 

Winton Wetlands Spit Walk loop, and the brand-new sculpture walk ‘Lotjpatj Natjan Donak’.   


Andy, 0439 209 749

Saturday, 20th August

Leadership Training


Held by BWV, further info TBA

Sunday, 28th August

Warby Tower Lookout to Pangarang Lookout, WONP.


Jeanette 0417 546 974

Saturday, 10th September

Mount Glenrowan, about 9k, or with Chick Hill 11k. 


Chris, 0418 503 802  

Thursday, 15th September

Friends Track, Kwat Kwat Lookout and Mount Warby, or add Alpine Views Track.


Chris, 0418 503 802

Sunday, 25th September

Killawarra to Peechelba, WONP

Followed by shared platters and wine at Morrisons Winery (Kays Lane, Glenrowan) to celebrate the Spring Equinox.


Andy, 0439 209 749

Kath, 0401 752 550, for the Winery

Friday, September 30th to Monday, October 3rd

Federation Walks in north-east Victoria



Friday, 7th October to Sunday, 9th October

Typo Station, Rose River


Geoff, 0418 530 242

Wednesday, 24th August

General Meeting 7.30pm


Michael, 0447 617 880




Sunday, 3rd July.  Bruarong to the escarpment.  Marita, 0427 521 122

Three options are available on this walk, including a short walk of 4.2km with 250m ascent/descent [AWTGS-2]; a medium walk of 7km with 285m ascent/descent [AWTGS-3], and a long walk that can be about 11km, with 335m ascent/descent [AWTGS-3].

The walk is on bush roads, mostly surrounded by native forests, but at sections there are pine plantations.  The walk starts in Bruarong, which is at a lower section, and meanders up the hill to the top.  For people doing the shorter version, turn around here and walk back down the hill where spectacular views of the valley, and the hills, can be admired.  But for those who are doing the medium and longer walk, continue walking along the escarpment, where there will be views out towards the east.  But wait there is more; we will walk through an old settlement, Hillsborough, where things have been seen that I cannot reveal here.  From there the medium walkers turn around, and walk back to the starting point, with the views the same as on the short walk.  The longer walk continues further along the escarpment towards Mount Stanley, then back to the starting point.

Friday, 8th July.  Orchard Track, Stanley State Forest, Beechworth.  Lesley, 0439 776 687

A medium loop walk of about 8k in the pretty Stanley Forest at Beechworth.  Walking mostly on fire tracks from Lady Newton Drive via Bates Dam.   [AWTGS-2]

Saturday, 16th July.  Kangaroo Hill, Eldorado.  Jeanette 0417 546 974

A medium loop walk of about 15k from Eldorado township to Reedy Creek, and into the Chiltern Mt Pilot National Park.  Following gravel roads, bush tracks, and a rough and rocky track climbing Kangaroo Hill, with some minor waterfalls if they’re running.  A shorter option of about 11k excludes the climb up Kangaroo Hill.  Both walks include a creek crossing, so BYO spare footwear and poles.  [AWTGS-3]

Sunday, 31st July.  Kancoona Gap Track, Kancoona.  Michael, 0447 617 880

A medium to hard walk of about 10k on gravel tracks, including one long ascent.  Starting on the edge of pine plantation, a steady climb over 5km from 400m to 600m is made to Kancoona Gap Track in state forest.  Along this track a peak of 730m is reached, before descending to 580m. Good views of Happy Valley.  [AWTGS-3] Possibility of wine tasting at Eagle Range Estate on the way home.

Saturday, 13th August.  White Box Walk, Chiltern – Mt Pilot NP.  Sandi, 0439 552 152

An easy loop walk of about 8k on bush tracks in the Chiltern – Mt Pilot National Park, a remnant of the Box-Ironbark forest that was once more widespread in Victoria.  This walk starts and finishes at the Honeyeater Picnic Area.  The forest is noted for its birdlife, as well as its natural and historical features.  [AWTGS-3]

Thursday, 18th August.  Spit Walk Loop and Sculpture Walk, Winton Wetlands.  Andy, 0439 209 749

An easy loop walk of about 9k on bush tracks at the spit at Winton Wetlands, plus the brand new sculpture walk ‘Lotjpatj Natjan Donak’ of about 1k near the Mokoan Café and Hub, followed by lunch at the Hub if required. [AWTGS-2]

Sunday, 28th August.  Warby Tower Lookout to Pangarang Lookout.  Jeanette, 0417 546 974   

Starting at the Spring Creek picnic area, an easy to medium walk of about 12k on gravel roads and bush tracks, taking in the Warby Tower and Pangarang Lookout to include excellent views east, and west, of the Warby Ranges.  [AWTGS-3]

Saturday, 10th September.  Mount Glenrowan.  Chris, 0418 503 802

A loop walk of about 12k, via Casuarina Track and Ridge Track, to Mount Glenrowan for excellent views.  An optional side trip to Chick Hill will add 2km to the walk.  Walking on a bush track, with a short off-track section that requires trekking poles.  [AWTGS-3]

Thursday, 15th September.  Friends Track, Kwat Kwat Lookout and Mt Warby, WONP.  Chris, 0418 503 802

An easy loop walk of about 6k, or a longer medium loop walk of about 10k atop the Warby Range.  Both walks on bush tracks, with the longer walk including the Alpine Views Track and Mount Warby.  [AWTGS-3]

Sunday, 25th September.  Killawarra to Peechelba, WONP.  Andy, 0439 209 749

An easy to medium walk of up to 12 kms from the Forest Camp, with lots of wildflowers, to Peechelba via Wallaby Hill.  [AWTGS-3]

Following the walk, celebrate the Spring Equinox with shared platters and wine at Morrisons Winery.  Kath, 0401 752 550

Friday, 7th – Sunday, 9th October.  Weekend at Typo Station.  Geoff, 0418 530 242 or bushydinning@gmail.com

A weekend at Typo Station, Rose River, with an easy, medium and a hard walk (about 15k).  Options include a 10k walk to Mt Cobbler for some of the best alpine views in Victoria.  [AWTGS-3]

Typo Station provides self catering bunkhouse accommodation in expansive park like grounds.  Accommodation cost is determined by the number attending; for example, with 20 participants about. $85 pp for the weekend, including a shared dinner on Saturday night.  

Contact Geoff at bushydinning@gmail.com for further details of what’s on, and what to bring.