If the walk leader(s) cannot be contacted to book into a walk,

phone Jeanette, 0417 546 974; or Michael, 0447 617 880.

If a walk needs to be cancelled (for example, due to weather) an alternative walk will be offered where possible.

AWTGS = Australian Walking Track Grading System : see under ‘Walks Program’ on website for details.


Bushwalking Victoria’s  Federation Walks will be held at Licola in November-details in the Newsletter.

To book in with our club, contact Adrian on 5721 5327; email, ahtwitt@gmail.com , or Cecily on 0490 024 471; email, fletchers@southernphone.com.au , by 25th July in order to secure accommodation. 





Friday, 2nd July


Warby Heritage Falls Trail,

Booths Winery/Black Dog Brewery, Taminick, WONP. [AWTGS-3]


Jeanette, 0417 546 974


Sunday, 11th July

Murmungee Escarpment [AWTGS-3]


Anne, 0409 208 218

Saturday, 24th July

Eldorado Waterfalls [AWTGS-3]


Jeanette, 0417 546 974

Sunday, 8th August

Mount Jack, Rosewhite

Option of two walks.  [AWTGS-3]

M & H

Marita, 0427 521 122 

Thursday, 19th August

Loggers Lane to Wenham’s and return, via new routes. [AWTGS-3]


Chris, 0418 503 802

Saturday, 28th August

Eldorado Waterfalls [AWTGS-3]


Jeanette, 0417 546 974

Friday, 10th, Saturday, 11th Sunday, 12th September

Lake Eildon weekend. [AWTGS-2 and 3]

The Pondage and The Pinnacle.

Wallaby Bay walks to Cook Point, School Point and Stones Outstation, plus other easy loop options available to follow the Wallaby Bay walks.

E, M

& H

Michael, 0447 617 880

Wednesday, 15th September

Lake Benalla, Broken River  [AWTGS-2]


Andy, 0439 209 749 

Sunday, 19th September

Mount Barambogie, Chiltern-Mt Pilot NP.  [AWTGS-3]


Chris, 0418 503 802

Friday, 24th to Sunday, 26th September

Boroondara Bushwalkers will be in Wangaratta, for a long weekend in the Warby Ranges; they are planning a series of wildflower walks.


Chris, 0418 503 802

Program to be advised.

Monday, 9th August

General Meeting, 7.30pm


Michael, 0447 617 880

Saturday, 25th September. Social Event

Dinner with Boroondara Bushwalking Club at the Wangaratta Club.


Chris, 0418 503 802

Friday, 2nd July.  Warby Heritage Falls Trail, Taminick.  Jeanette, 0417 546 974

An easy to medium loop walk of approx 8k from Booth Road atop the Warby Range.  We follow the gully down along the Warby Heritage Falls Trail (steep in parts) to Booths Winery and Black Dog Brewery, on a small foot track.  This is a picturesque walk passing old dry stone weirs, cascades and rock pools, with views over the plains and wetlands.  After taking in the old sheep dip site and sawmill we head back up on Cellar Track completing the loop.  Robins frequent the lower slopes in winter, and the occasional wombat and roos are often sighted.    [AWTGS-3]

Sunday, 11th July.  Murmungee Escarpment.  Anne, 0409 208 218.

The Murmungee Circuit walk is a medium to hard walk of approx 15k, including a steep ascent up the Zig-Zag track, an historic foot access track to Beechworth.  Starting with 7k along rural unsealed roads to the start of the ascent, the walk returns westwards along the ridge of the escarpment, overlooking the patchwork of farming, and revegetation with fine views across the basin to the distant hills.  A good level of fitness is required, with some stretches of undefined tracks.    [AWTGS-3]

Saturday, 24th July.  Eldorado Waterfalls.  Jeanette, 0417 546 974

A medium walk of approx 13k from Eldorado township, taking in the local waterfalls, including the Larrawallup Falls along Clear Creek. Mostly on dirt roads, some bush tracks, and some off-track sections. Elevations vary from 190m to 400m.  [AWTGS-3]

Sunday, 8th August.  Mount Jack, Rosewhite.  Marita, 0427 521 122 

A choice of two return walks of approx 11k and 23k along a single lane bush road meandering up towards Mt Jack, with views through mature native forest over the surrounding valley and hills, including to Mt Bogong.  Both walk options have a steady incline; the medium (11k) walk has a 400m ascent, and descent; the hard (23k) walk has a 785m ascent, and descent.  Contact Marita re other walk options.     [AWTGS 3]

Thursday, 19th August.  Loggers Lane to Wenhams, WONP.  Chris, 0418 503 802 

A medium graded loop walk in the Warby Ranges; about 12k along bush tracks, from Loggers Lane to Wenhams, and return, exploring some new (and very scenic) pathways.  [AWTGS-3]

Saturday, 28th August.  Eldorado Waterfalls.  Jeanette, 0417 546 974

A medium walk of approx 13k from Eldorado township, taking in the local waterfalls, including the Larrawallup Falls along Clear Creek. Mostly on dirt roads, some bush tracks, and some off-track sections. Elevations vary from 190m to 400m.  [AWTGS-3] [re-scheduled from July 24]

Friday, 10th Saturday, 11th & Sunday, 12th September.  Weekend at Lake Eildon, Eildon. 

Michael, 0447 617 880.  Please email for detailed weekend information mbraendler@bigpond.com

A collection of short and easy to medium and hard walks near Eildon, in the Eildon National Park.

Walks include the Pondage Walk, Pinnacle Track and numerous Fraser Block walks at Wallaby Bay.   [AWTG- 2 and 3]. Accommodation available at Eildon Riverside Holiday Park, book ASAP.  Saturday night dinner at Rubicon Hotel Motel in Thornton.  Confirm with Michael ASAP re attending dinner on Saturday night.  

Wednesday, 15th September - Lake Benalla and Broken River.  Andy, 0439 209 749 

An easy walk of approx 6k around Lake Benalla on well made tracks, plus a brief encounter with the Broken River, followed by a visit to the best of Benalla’s wall art.  [AWTGS 2]

Sunday, 19th September.  Mount Barambogie, Chiltern Mt Pilot NP.  Chris, 0418 503 802

A medium loop walk of approx 11k in Chiltern Mt Pilot NP.  Bush tracks, and some short off-track sections; an area noted for its wildflowers.    [AWTGS-3]

Boroondarra Bushwalkers will be in Wangaratta for the long weekend, in late September, for walks in the Warby Ranges, all of them featuring wildflowers. The combined club dinner at The Wangaratta Club will be preceded by a Walks Leaders workshop. More details in the next Newsletter, and from Chris on 0418 503 802.