Walks Program, April to June 2023

If the walk leader(s) cannot be contacted to book into a walk,

phone Jeanette, 0417 546 974; or Michael, 0447 617 880.

If a walk needs to be cancelled (for example, due to weather) an alternative walk will be offered where possible.

AWTGS = Australian Walking Track Grading System (see under ‘Walks Program’ on website for details)


What’s on



Annual General Meeting

Monday, 20th March.

6pm to 9pm, BYO


399 Whorouly Road

Whorouly  3735


RSVP by 20/3/23

Marita, 0427 521 122


Friday, 31st March

Saturday, 1st April

Sunday, 2nd April

Taggerty weekend based at the   Taggerty Big 4 Holiday Park.

E, M

& H

Michael, 0447 617 880

Saturday, 15th April

Wilhelmina Spur, Mt Buffalo NP.


Paul, 0412 110 261

Tuesday, 18th April

Loggers Lane, WONP


Chris, 0418 503 802

Sunday, 30th April

Ovens Loop Walk


Jon, 0428 300 437

Wednesday, 10th May

Combined WRBI with the FOWONP Lower Ovens Walk


Andy, 0439 209 749

Saturday, 13th May

Kellys Lookout, Beechworth  


Lesley, 0439 776 687   

Sunday, 28th May

Ingrams Rock, Beechworth Historic Park


Chris, 0418 503 802

Thursday, 1st June

Killawarra Forest, WONP


Chris, 0418 503 802

Sunday, 11th June

Billabongs and Ovens River Flats, Killawarra, WONP.


 Michael, 0447 617 880

Saturday, 24th June

Lake Moodemere, Wahgunyah.


Jeanette, 0417 546 974

Wednesday, 24th May

General meeting


Michael, 0447 617 880

22nd to 28th September, 2023

Week Away at the Grampians


See our website for more information.



Friday, 31st March to Sunday, 2nd April.  Taggerty weekend at Taggerty Big 4 Holiday Park. 

Michael: 0447 617 880 or mbraendler@bigpond.com.  

Call Michael re accommodation at the Big 4 Park.  Two walk options subject to Park openings. 

Option 1. Weekend walks on bush tracks at the Cathedral Range State Park (currently closed at time of printing).  Numerous grade 3, 4, and 5 walks available each day, if additional walk leaders can volunteer to lead walks.

Option 2.  Saturday: Rubicon Railway Circuit, at the Rubicon Historic Area.  Sunday: The Keppel Lookout and Steavenson Falls, via the Tree Fern Gully Track loop at Marysville.

Saturday, 15th April.  Wilhelmina Spur, Mount Buffalo NP.  Paul 0412 110 261.  

A medium/hard loop walk of approx 12km on bush tracks at the base of Mount Buffalo.  The walk includes walking alongside Eurobin Creek, a steep climb up Wilhelmina Spur, and then descending down the lower section of the Big Walk.  [AWTGS-3]

Tuesday, 18th April.  Loggers Lane, WONP.  Chris, 0418 503 802.

A medium graded loop walk in the Warby Ranges of approx 12k along bush tracks from Loggers Lane to Wenhams, and return, exploring some new and very scenic pathways.  [AWTGS-3]

Sunday, 30th April.  Ovens Loop Walk.  Jon, 0428 300 437. 

A medium loop walk of approx 10k mainly on forest roads from the valley floor up into the plantation, where from an elevated location there are great views into the valley and mountains.   [AWTGS-3]

Wednesday, 10th May.  Lower Ovens Walk.  Andy, 0439 209 749.

An easy loop walk of approx 6k on bush tracks beside the Ovens River near Peechelba in the Warby Ovens National Park, with Friends of the Warby Ovens National Park (FOWONP).  This walk will include a short session on the significance of Lower Ovens wetlands.  [AWTGS-2]

Saturday, 13th May.  Kellys Lookout, Beechworth.  Lesley, 0439 776 687.

A medium walk of approx 13km on a relatively flat 4WD gravel track, a bush track, and the last kilometre off track, with loose stones, exposed rock and a steep descent.  Views along the valley.  250 metre ascent and descent.  [AWTGS-3]

Sunday, 28th May.  Ingrams Rock, Beechworth Historic Park.  Chris, 0418 503 802.

A medium loop walk of approx 10k on bush tracks in the Beechworth Historic Park, visiting Ingrams Rock, Fiddes Quarry, Precipice Lookout and other features of the Park.    [AWTGS-3]

Thursday, 1st June.  Killawarra Forest Walk.  Chris, 0418 503 802.

An easy walk of two 4k loops on bush tracks from the picnic area at Killawarra Camp in the Warby Ovens National Park.  [AWTGS-2]

Sunday, 11th June.  Billabongs and Ovens River Flats, Killawarra, WONP.  Michael, 0447 617 880.

A medium loop walk of approx 14k on bush tracks among billabongs, creeks, and Ovens River flats, at Killawarra.  There was an abundance of birdlife last time we completed this walk.    [AWTGS-3]

Saturday, 24th June.  Lake Moodemere, Wahgunyah.  Jeanette, 0417 546 974. 

Starting and finishing at Pfeiffer Wines; an easy loop walk of approx 10k along bush tracks and gravel roads, partly in the shade of Australia's favourite tree, the River Red Gums, and alongside the mighty Murray River.  Enjoy a glass of wine, or tasting, following the walk.    [AWTGS-2]