Update : Falls Creek weekend : Feb 29 – March 1

We are hoping to be able to go ahead with this weekend, however . . .

Due to the fire situation, although Falls Creek Resort is open there are currently only limited areas of the Alpine National Park open for us to access.

Hopefully this will improve in the coming weeks. I will re-check with Parks Victoria in a couple of weeks time, and we will then be better able to make a decision.<

We currently have 27 people booked in, so there is still some room if anyone else would like to attend.

We have booked Myrtleford Ski Lodge at a cost of $900 PER NIGHT (that is, $1800 for the weekend; this may be different to information in the walks program). This cost will then be divided between participants, so the more people the cheaper it becomes.

For example, 30 people = $30 PER PERSON PER NIGHT, 25 people = $36 PER PERSON PER NIGHT.

There will be potentially be a further cost to cover Saturday night’s meal, but information on this, and the Lodge, will be forwarded at a future date, when it is certain that we will be able to go ahead.

Any Questions, please contact me – Kerri Davenport 0488 362 812

PS I will be in NZ Feb 1st – Feb 7th walking Milford Track, so won’t be answering my phone then.

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