Thredbo – Week Away, 2019

Members of the Warby Range Bushwalking Club have recently arrived home from an adventurous five-day walking experience in Kosciuszko National Park.

On a chilly windy Monday morning 39 members took the Kosciuszko chairlift to Eagles Nest to commence the 12km return walk to the Mount Kosciuszko summit. Within 500 metres along the walkway, walkers encountered snow and icy conditions making them precede with caution.

Standing on top of Australia, walkers lapped up the sunny day, took many photographs and selfies of the magnificent snow-covered views of the surrounding peaks and ridges. Upon descending Mount Kosciuszko, some walkers decided to walk to the historic Seamans Hut via Rawson’s Pass before returning to Thredbo via the chairlift.

Tuesday saw the walkers divide into two groups, one group undertaking the 8km return walk following the beautiful Thredbo River upstream to Dead Horse Gap while the remaining group caught the chairlift and walked down Rams Head Plateau, soaking up the spectacular views looking westerly towards Victoria before arriving at the Thredbo River.

Both groups commented on the diversity of vegetation, the huge granite boulders, beautiful snow gums and tall eucalyptus trees while walking the trail. Sitting at the water’s edge enjoying lunch at Dead Horse Gap, looking at the reflections in the river was a peaceful experience.

Wednesday morning saw walkers undertaking the 19km return Cascade Track from Dead Horse Gap to the historic alpine Cascade Hut. On crossing the fast-flowing Thredbo River, walkers experienced some steep climbs before ascending to Bob’s Ridge, at an elevation of 1750 metres where morning tea was taken amongst an area of granite boulders.

On the walk to Bob’s Ridge there was a sighting of five brumbies grazing in a distant valley. From Bob’s Ridge, walkers encountered another steep climb before crossing the beautiful Cascade Creek to arrive at the historic magnificent Cascade Hut.

Lunch was taken at the hut in a lovely grassland setting surrounded by tall eucalyptus trees with 180-degree views looking down the valley towards Cascade Creek. The highlight of the return walk were three brumbies grazing on the river grasslands within 100 metres of the walking track.

Thursday, most walkers attacked the Thredbo Valley track which follows the Thredbo Valley meandering along the banks of the picturesque Thredbo River which flows through open grasslands and eucalyptus forests. The beautifully constructed suspension bridges that enabled the crossing of the Thredbo River was a highlight of the walk.

Some walkers choose the 12km return walk to the Rangers Station, others the 16km one way walk to Thredbo Diggings Campground while the keen one’s headed for Lake Crackenback Resort, a 20km one -way walk.

On Friday, 10 walkers decided to walk the 13km return Rennex Track which crossed extensive grasslands with several steep climbs amongst forested sections, testing the stamina of all involved.

The track finished at Giants Castle, a large granite outcrop where a radio communication tower is located. From Giants Castle extensive views of the Snowy River Valley, Island Bend Dam, Blue Cow, Mount Kosciuszko and other mountain peaks could be observed, a truly great sight.

Throughout the walk wild pig activity was evident, a deer family were seen and a mob of grey kangaroos were observed grazing unperturbed by our presence on the grasslands.

On the return walk, a keen-eyed walker sighted a pig trap and upon inspecting it explained in detail how the trap operated.

The remaining walkers travelled into Jindabyne choosing to walk the 7km one-way concrete path around the foreshore of Lake Jindabyne. The path passes through scenic parklands where seating is available to enjoy the extensive views of the lake and its abundant wildlife. Numerous plaques are erected beside the path providing history of the local region.

Some walkers extended their walk to enjoy the challenging 4.5km one-way bike trail along Mill Creek. After the walk they meet for coffee and some retail therapy before travelling back to Thredbo.

All members commented that the Club was blessed with a weather event that provided chilly mornings and fine sunny days that enhanced the walking experiences. The heavy snowfall event that occurred on the Saturday provided a bonus for the Mount Kosciuszko walk, but the Main Ridge Track to Blue Lake, Charlottes Pass and Carruther’s Peak, was not possible. A bitter sweet outcome for everybody.

[Robert Chard]

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