Buckland-Gap Road to Stanley Pub : October 27

Cecily Fletcher

 17 participants

 Starting from top of Buckland Gap, corner of Lady Newton Drive and Buckland Gap road.

 Anticipated length: 9.5km/ 16km

 Weather: 23c SSW breeze (that is, fine and sunny with fresh breeze in the afternoon).


Whilst the option of a shorter 6km walk to Stanley via Lady Newton Drive and Murmungee Lookout was offered, in the end the 17 participants all chose the longer walk of 9.5km navigating various access roads through the Stanley Forest.

It was pretty nice to be sharing the day with three new walkers joining us, Julie from Tatong, and Donna and Stuart from Wangaratta.

Passing by Bates Dam, the first climb delivered clear views westwards across the Beechworth Hills, and beyond to the Warby Ranges.

Walking at a steady pace, gathering breath at the top of the frequent climbs, we reached the intersection of Ridge track and Rooney’s track, and dropped down to Six Mile road for a welcome morning tea rest at Clarke’s Corner, after about 90 minutes walking.

We thought we had lost Neville, Neville thought he had lost his poles, but luckily neither was the case, and we were able to regroup and head off again down Six Mile Track.

Taking Dingle Track northward and climbing a few more “hill-ish” rises, we came to the track heading East down to Stanley.

Enjoying the bird song and forest, the ‘Pub’ track then led us into the back of Stanley, coming out near the Recreation Reserve where we had left two cars.

It was good to sit down after walking for three hours, to enjoy our picnic lunch with the gentle activity of a cricket match playing out in the background. Even Ted was glad of a quiet sit and a treat.

The party then divided with eight people heading back home, and nine people stepping out for the return walk along Lady Newton Drive.

We enjoyed the views from the Murmungee Lookout, and prepared ourselves for the steep descent back to the cars. With tired legs and tender feet, the waiting cup of tea and biscuits drew us on to the end of a satisfying 18km walk.

Well done to everyone who came along to make this a successful day, I hope you enjoyed the outing.

Degree of difficulty: easy+ / medium+ (the + is for the hills); or 2 -3 AWTG ( 2 one way=well-formed track with some hills under 10km; 3hr return walk. =longer walk with steep hills requiring moderate fitness).

Suggestions: Alternative route would be to take Jensen Track; Orchard Track; Tully’s Track; Dingle and Pub Track to Stanley. There will always be some climbs, but this circuit would take you deeper into the forest on minor tracks -although you would miss Clarke’s Corner which is a nice picnic area for morning tea.

The option of either one way, or return walk worked well, whilst the additional option of a shorter 6km walk was not necessary.

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