Middle section of the Warby Ranges North to South. Sunday, 9th September

On this local adventure, an impressive number of people (27) took the opportunity to walk the 17kms from Ryan’s Lookout to Taminick Gap, this being the middle section of our ‘Warby Ranges : North to South’.

The dry conditions seem to have prevented a massed blooming of the normally abundant wild flowers, but there were large groups of superb local wattles, and abundant nodding green hoods over the first part of the walk.

We also discovered abundant donkey orchids.

Morning tea was taken at Wenham’s Camp, just before we “climbed” Mt Warby, with its great views, and lunch was enjoyed not far from the big towers near the end of Bailey’s Road.

At Taminick Gap we once again delighted in Pat’s welcome cuppa, and then a brief car shuffle was completed before we headed back to Wangaratta.

Coming Events

Sunday, 23rd September

Warby Range – North to South : Mt Glenrowan Ridge Track

Jeanette 0417 546 974

A steep start at the Taminick Gap Road climbs to the towers, and this short easy to medium walk then leads for approx 6km along the Ridge Track to Morgan’s Lookout at Mt Glenrowan; it then descends through the bush to Morrisons winery.

Bring along the walking poles for the descent to the winery.

Thursday, 27th September

McFarlanes Hill, Wodonga

Chris, 0418 503 802

This is a medium walk of approx 10km at McFarlanes Hill, Wodonga.

McFarlanes Hill forms part of an isolated block of high country to the west of Wodonga, and along with other nearby hill country provides about 10km of walking tracks.

Great views of the urban area, the Murray River and the Alpine Ranges.

The walking will be mostly on ridgetops, with a side trip to the adjoining Swainsonia Reserve

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