Browsing Beechworth : Sunday, 29th April

A party of 10 set out from the Railway Station to Browse Beechworth on this glorious autumn day.

Initially on the Silver Banksia Walk (Spring Creek), we deviated to admire the 300 year old, multi-burled Apple Box (Eucalyptus bridgesiana), the But But tree, message tree for the early gold fossickers. – then wound our way back to Lake Sambell, and to the commencement of the Lake Kerferd Walk.

Turning back towards the township, following routes provided by the Beechworth Treescape Group, we enjoyed identifying the significant trees of the town, and admiring the diversity of residential styles over the century, and the autumnal gardens.

Dropping from the Old Hospital Facade (Lower Finch Street) we accessed a little used track along the top of the eastern side of the Gorge, to the old stone bridge, and the site of the first gold discovery in 1852.

Eventually we made our way back (via Silver Banksia Walk) to the Chinese Gardens beneath the Lake Sambell dam wall, to enjoy our lunch in the Chinese Pavilion.

Altogether an interesting, and easy, three hour walk on a still, mild day, with the sunshine showcasing the autumnal colours and evergreens for which Beechworth is noted.

[June Brown]

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