Update on Mt Beauty Weekend; Saturday, November 25 and Sunday, November 26

Update on Mt Beauty Weekend of walks for Saturday November 25 and Sunday November 26

The weekend of walks has been expanded due to popular demand.

Saturday November 25th.

Clover Dam Tramway and Aqueduct – Detailed maps will be provided. An Easy Medium walk of 9 km in length along an aqueduct and tramway. During the construction of the Kiewa Hydro Electricity Scheme Bogong Creek near Clover Dam was diverted so that additional water entered the Clover Dam Power station on the East Kiewa River. Hence a concrete aqueduct and the adjacent inspection tramway line was built in an easterly direction adjacent to Mt Bogong.

This tramway is still in working order and is a major engineering post WW2 accomplishment. We walk along this tramway passing many ferny gullies and huge surrounding rain forest canopies whilst at the same time the whole tramway construction is something very different with its stations and water diversion weirs. Along this aqueduct, the national parks have constructed a barrier after 6km as there have been slips and rock falls in the winter of 2016. Hence we can return the way we came or descend to the base of the Kiewa Valley, ford the river and return to our cars.

Sunday November 19th.

Easy, Easy/Medium, Medium and Hard walks will all be offered in the Mountain Creek area in the shadow of Mt Bogong and detailed maps will be provided.

  • Easy Walk – 8km return. Shady Gully Nature Walk, Tree Fern walk, Black Cockatoo walk and Peppermint walk. They start at the Camping area at Mountain Creek and venture through ferny gullies and pristine riparian forest areas of this secluded area.

    All of the four walks can be attempted on well-formed tracks or if there are sufficient takers perhaps two or three of the above walks can be chosen.

  • Easy/Medium walk – Mountain Creek to Camp Creek Gap – 11km return from the Mountain Creek camp ground along Mountain Creek to Camp Creek Gap return. This walk is along well formed tracks and there is some climbing towards the end of the walk before the return journey back to the camp ground.

    There are excellent views of Bogong and Little Bogong through some of the best sections of untouched rainforest in Victoria. Walkers can climb steeply for the last kilometre if they want to. So this part of the walk is where a decision needs to be made whether to continue to Camp Creek Gap or return before the steep climb and then this walk becomes a Medium Grade walk.

  • Medium walk – Trappers Creek Gap to Mt Emu 12km return from Trappers Creek Gap to Mt Emu. This is along a 4WD track which commences at the intersection of the Mitta Rd, the Eskdale Spur track and the road to Granite Spur. The walk is along the Eskdale Spur, with panoramic views to the south of the whole Mt Bogong monolith from the Eskdale in the east, to Little Bogong in the west.

    There are some steep sections, but the panoramic view of the whole Kiewa Valley and Mt Feathertop and the Fainters makes it very worthwhile. There is green carpet on the Mt Emu summit, as this is a popular hang gliding launching area.

  • Hard walk – Mt Bogong and an Extension. – 12km return from Granite Spur to Mt Bogong peak then to either to Bogong’s west peak OR to Cleve Cole Hut. This walk will only be offered if the weather is suitable. There is a 25km drive from Mt Beauty to Mountain Creek, and beyond, in very rugged terrain. From the Granite Spur ‘car park’ there is a 3km climb, with a gain in height of 530 metres.

    This is continuously, very steep with a rocky terrain in most places in the climb from Granite Spur to the summit. From Mt Bogong the choice can be made, if there are sufficient taker,s and if the weather is suitable, to either go to –

    • West Peak of Mt Bogong. A 6km return walk across the top of Bogong on some made tracks and some alpine grasses. This is quite undulating, and West Peak is slightly lower than Bogong summit, but there are panoramic views of the Bogong High Plains, Mt Beauty and the whole Kiewa Valley and beyond.
    • Cleve Cole Hut. A 6km return journey, on made tracks with a change in altitude of 200m. Cleve Cole is a very interesting alpine hut with running water and toilet facilities.

Any questions/queries please to Bob Shaw on 57 662 773 OR 0408 475 235

Also, more details about events during this weekend, accommodation, eating and where to meet etc will be e-mailed out the week starting November 20th

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