Mt Meg Conservation Reserve Number 3 – Dave’s Hill : September 20

On a warm, sunny, clear and windless morning, 11 enthusiastic walkers headed out from Amery Road into a more open section of one of the Mt Meg reserves.

We ambled up Dave’s Hill through acres of gorgeous blue and white flowers.

On the bare rocky summit, we delighted in a 200 degree plus, view across green and glistening yellow (canola) paddocks to the Warby Ranges. We discovered many rock wells created by the local aboriginal people, who would have used this location as a major lookout place.

The group climbed along the lightly wooded granite ridge for 2 kms before dropping off to the west and then followed roo tracks back around the site of Canaan College, to the cars.

Once again, Pat’s cuppa and delicious fresh biscuits were enjoyed as we ate lunch in the shade of trees planted many years ago in the garden of a very early homestead (now in ruins).

Coming Events

Saturday, 23rd September. Lockhart’s Gap to Tallangatta Lookout

Adele, 5727 9501

A hard walk of approximately 18km along the ridgeline on 4WD roads to Tallangatta Lookout. Views of surrounding valleys, and of course Tallangatta (the town that moved), the Hume Weir and Murray River.

Adele will be looking to keep a moderate pace on this one.

Saturday 7th October. Whorouly South loop

Erin 0419 200 998

An easy to medium loop walk of approx 13km mostly along gravel roads. This loop walk continues on from Erin’s vineyard walk between some forest and farmland, with some gentle rises and descents. A lengthy but easy walk.

Friday 13th October. Pangerang Lookout, Warby Ovens NP

Andy 57217922. (NB Not Adrian this time)

An easy walk of approx 6km on bush tracks to Pangerang Lookout in the Warby Ranges. Excellent views.

Eyes must be open for ladders and black cat!!

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