Seven Creeks, Euroa, and Strathbogie Ranges. September 9

On this Spring day, 18 people ambled along the delightful, and well maintained, seven kilometre track that follows Seven Creeks on both banks.

Morning tea was enjoyed back at the barbeque area starting place, and finished at the same spot, where Pat’s famous cuppa and lunch was taken, with a relaxing view over the small weir.

Later, six of the group decided to climb up Balmattum Hill just across the Hume Highway from Euroa (which means joyful in the local Taungurong language)

A short walk took us to a rocky summit, with stunning views of the township and the valleys around.

It was obvious that Hume and Hovell in 1824 would have used the clear view southwards to plan their next few days of exploration.

Coming Events

Wednesday, 20th September.

Mt Meg Conservation Reserve. Andy, 5721 7922

This easy walk of about 6km is in the rarely visited western part of the Warby Ranges, just to the north of Winton Wetlands. Superb Spring wild flowers should be blooming.

Saturday, 23rd September.

Lockhart’s Gap to Tallangatta Lookout. Adele, 5727 9501

A hard walk of approximately 18km along the ridgeline on 4WD roads to Tallangatta Lookout. Views of surrounding valleys, and of course Tallangatta (the town that moved), the Hume Weir and Murray River.

Adele will be looking to keep a moderate pace on this one.

Saturday 7th October.

Whorouly South loop. Erin 0419 200 998

An easy to medium loop walk of approx 13km mostly along gravel roads.

This loop walk continues on from Erin’s vineyard walk, between some forest and farmland, with some gentle rises and descents.

A lengthy, albeit easy, walk.

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